The Canadian Tourist Visa is another type of entry visa. Tourist attractions, pristine and beautiful nature, rich culture, etc. It has caused thirty-five million tourists to visit this country every year for various purposes.

Multiple visas

If you have a Canadian Tourist Visa (multiple visas), you can travel to Canada indefinitely for 5 years and stay in this country for 6 months at a time.

Please note that with a tourist visa you will not be allowed to enter Canada, but upon arrival, the nature of your trip will be check by an officer and a permit will be an issue if the trip is confirmed to be temporary and you will be returned to your home country.

It should be noted that due to the closure of the Canadian Embassy in Iran, the applicant must apply for a visa in one of the other countries such as Turkey or other countries that have a Canadian embassy. (vvisa Immigration Collection is your best helper. This is the process.)